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Taking design inspiration from nature

Taking design inspiration from nature

Dexter Interiors designs interiors for total projects. The company's designers love nothing more than to inspire their clients. On the other hand, they themselves enjoy being inspired.

Now who or what serves as a better source of inspiration than nature! A clever Japanese engineer and avid birdwatcher had noticed that kingfishers hardly make any splashes while diving. He decided to streamline the high-speed train he would design like a kingfisher's beak. This is an example of technical product innovation based on nature. Nature is also a source of inspiration for artists. Take Rembrandt van Rijn. He excellently mastered the use of contrast in his paintings. These contrasts make his natural landscapes living creations.

The designers at Dexter Interiors also make grateful use of nature during their design process. Basic idea for deployment of this source of inspiration is "nature is always right. During a walk on the beach, one will not think, "What a hideous color the sea is," or "Grains of sand would have been better square." During their design process, the designers choose a nature photo for inspiration. The nature photo serves as the basis for a design concept, and designers select colors and materials around it. The design concept serves as an atmospheric impression for clients. It is a means of setting the right mood. Using the design concept, the designers have a clear starting point for their interior design.

Residential desires of clients and creativity of the designers ultimately come together in an interior design. Through 3D visualizations, Dexter Interieur makes a concrete translation. An interior design the designers present to their clients in Dexter Interieur's studio. This is a time for clients to look forward to. All choices made by the designers during their design process will be explained in detail during the presentation. Material samples are at your fingertips for experience in colors, textures and patterns. The moment to assess whether use of nature inspiration is indeed never wrong

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