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The Daily Diamonds are the first items you will find when you launch the app. Launch our app every day to check for a new free article. Find the most beautiful and luxurious gems for sale on Funda, the latest projects by leading architects and the funniest interviews. On the day, you can unlock this content by opening the app. You can then read these articles back later for free. Want to always have access to all Daily Diamonds without having to open the app daily? Then you can opt for a Premium Membership and choose a HIGH. welcome gift.

Available for free are our latest Dutch and Belgian projects in the app. The finest interior projects by the best architects from the Netherlands and Belgium are bundled here in beautiful specials, designed in the same style as our iconic books.

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You can save all your favorite photos in our app from now on. No need to store your inspiration on your computer or phone, from now on you just collect everything in your own HUGE. account and create your own “feed.” A free feature that was much requested and that we were finally able to make a reality.

No more noise from other products, ads or advertisements. Easily find your inspiration again and link back to the right page on our platform: making the HOOG.design experience even better!

We have already released ten HIGH.design books, most of which are out of print. All of our already sold-out success titles are now available digitally in the app for Premium Members. Have you started saving the books but your collection is not complete? Then check out all the projects from previous titles in the app. Do you already own all the books? Then in our app you will always have all the books and your favorite projects at hand!