Terrace in Herringbone or Hungarian point? You can!

Terrace in Herringbone or Hungarian point? You can!

A parquet floor in its purest form, laid according to an artisanal method, that is Herringbone parquet. Walk into a room with herringbone parquet and you immediately feel the rich and artisanal feel of this original laying pattern. With the revolutionary Magnet system, since 2020 it is also possible to install your outdoor parquet in herringbone pattern. This way you create a beautiful herringbone terrace with the same look as your herringbone parquet!

Eyecatcher of the garden
Most decking you see in the garden is laid horizontally or vertically, but it can be done differently! With our revolutionary Magnet system, it has recently become possible to create truly stunning herringbone patterns with our beautiful exterior wood. Thus, your outdoor parquet becomes the eycatcher of the garden. You can even surround your herringbone patio with a band of the same wood! You can see this nicely in the photo to the right. A herringbone outdoor parquet can be laid in various types of wood, ask your dealer or our contact form about the possibilities.

Tip: It is, of course, wonderful to have your herringbone parquet from inside, in the same format reflected on your patio. Often that is possible! Contact us for personalized advice.

Hungarian point, a little different
In addition to Herringbone outdoor parquet, Hungarian point is also possible! Unlike Herringbone, where the end edges of the wood overlap, in a Hungarian point pattern those end edges join exactly. You can see this nicely in the photo to the right. This creates clear and straight “lanes” as opposed to the “zig-zag” of herringbone. If you want to achieve a regal, almost monumental look then this pattern is right up your alley. For people who want something very special, this very exclusive Hungarian Point outdoor parquet is a godsend.

Tip:Even for Hungarian point, this beautiful pattern is best shown off when it is clearly visible.

No screws in the picture
Patterned outdoor flooring is installed using our Magnet outdoor parquet system. The uniqueness of this system is that it is installed without screws. The substructure is completely invisible and any board can easily be replaced. This is the only system worldwide that allows herringbone and Hungarian point without the use of screws. Our Magnet Buitenparket is available in Wood, Bamboo or Composite. Wood includes the species Elondo, Ipé, Iroko and Teak. Each material has its own distinctive look and specifications, check out our project photos here for a better mood impression of the different materials. Did you know that you can also request a sample of any type of material? You do that here.

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