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The 5 best places for a pivot door indoors

The 5 best places for a pivot door indoors

A pivot door offers endless design possibilities - from dimensions to applications to materials. But the location of the pivot door in the home can also vary endlessly. FritsJurgens has selected the 5 best places in the home for a pivot door, featuring the best pivot door projects.

In the hall
The hallway is a perfect place for a pivot door. The hallway door is often the first door you encounter after stepping inside. This door sets the tone for the rest of the interior and, thanks to its walk-through location, offers many possibilities.

Moving through
A hallway is a space through which you move. Therefore, you could opt for an outspoken style here - you can splash out with color and materials or make it a quiet, clean space. This also applies to your pivot door. You can choose all kinds of materials for a pivot door inside, from glass and steel - be sure to check out the option for colored steel - to wood, a door with a print or photo, a concrete look, et cetera.

Door movement
A FritsJurgens pivot hinge creates a fantastic door movement that is completely different from that of a normal hinged door. When you incorporate smooth, controlled door movement into the design of your hallway door, a simple passageway suddenly turns into a warm welcome.

In the living room
Many modern homes have an open kitchen to which the living room connects directly. This gives a sense of openness and space, but can also have drawbacks such as cooking smells, less privacy and a less cozy atmosphere.

Light and openness
With a pivot door - or two pivot doors side by side - you can maintain the openness and light of an open space but eliminate the disadvantages of such an open space. Choosing a FritsJurgens pivoted glass door keeps light flowing from one room to another while blocking cooking odors and noise. It also makes it easier to keep heat in the room.

Control of space
One moment you want to create more privacy or coziness in your living room, the next you want to keep the room open and spacious. A pivot door is the ideal solution for maintaining flexibility. Not only do you influence the atmosphere of the room, you also decide which hold position the door is in. So you also have control over the impact of the pivot door itself on the living room.

In the pantry
The pantry is an excellent place for a pivot door inside. The pantry, pantry or stair closet is often not a place you want to emphasize in your interior design. With a pivot door, you can easily hide these spaces in the style of the interior.

Real hidden
Because a FritsJurgens pivot hinge is hidden in the top and bottom of the door, no hinges are visible as with a normal door hinge. All that is visible are a small floor and ceiling plate, available in a variety of designs.FritsJurgens pivot doors without frames are double action and therefore open to both sides without handles. This way, the door is no longer noticeable.

Same as the wall
You can make a FritsJurgens pivot door in any material. Therefore, you could also choose the same color or material as the surrounding wall. Because a pivot door needs only minimal space around the door and is perfectly aligned with the wall, in this case the door completely falls away.

In the office
More than ever, we are working from home. We also have long known that this is why the office does not have to be a boring room in a far corner of the house. With a pivot door, you give the space you work in a more interesting look that fits the style of the office.

Dual function
In addition to being a beautiful addition to the interior of the office, a FritsJurgens pivot door can also have a functional application. For example, the passageway does not have to be just a passageway - it can additionally function as a bookcase, TV or storage cabinet.

As a room divider
Interior pivot doors can also be used perfectly in large or tall interiors. A pivoting wall with multiple doors is a flexible solution.

Glass wall
In some cases, a single or double pivot door is not sufficient and a door in a wall is not a beautiful solution. FritsJurgens pivot doors in a glass wall can then be a solution that fits into virtually any interior and make a space light and open. Glass and steel are ideal materials for creating large, tall and heavy pivot doors and walls.

360° rotation
The advantage of a pivoting wall is that it can be applied not only with but also without frames. Without frames, the panels of the wall can rotate 360°. This way you are not only flexible when it comes to the impact of the wall on the space, but also in the design of both sides. You could give one side of the wall a different design than the other, allowing you to play with colors and materials in the space.

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