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The 7 biggest benefits of wood-look tiles

The 7 biggest benefits of wood-look tiles

In recent years, the popularity of wood-look tiles, also known as ceramic parquet, is undiminished. And we can understand why. This is because wood-look tile has the natural look of real wood, but with a host of advantages. We list the seven biggest ones for you.

1. Wood-look tiles are durable

A wood-look tile floor will last for years. A real wood floor is susceptible to a lot of influences such as shifting furniture and sunlight. With ceramic parquet, you don't have that problem. And that brings us immediately to the second advantage.

2. Ceramic tiles are scratch and wear resistant

A tile floor does not damage. Not even with frequent use. On a wood floor, you will eventually see signs of wear and tear. Often especially in places where there is a lot of walking, such as in front of the kitchen sink. The ceramic is scratch and wear resistant and won't damage even if you drop something once.

3. Tile flooring is stain resistant

Another very practical advantage, tile flooring is highly resistant to stains. Especially convenient with (small) children and pets. Of course, an accident is in a small corner, and that's when a tile floor is really a godsend. This is because liquids do not soak into the tile and you easily clean the floor with a damp cloth.

4. The floor is easy to maintain

A wood floor needs to be polished and varnished once in a while. Do you choose wood-look tiles? Then maintaining your floor is a lot easier. Regular vacuuming and occasional mopping is enough to keep your floor beautiful.

5. Ceramic is the best conductor of heat

This is why tile flooring is ideally suited if you have underfloor heating. As a result, your home gradually gets nice and warm, and the heat does not affect the quality of the floor. You can also cool your home through the floor. The same goes for this: ceramic is the best choice for it.

6. The tiles really look like wood

We understand that you may be concerned that wood-look tile looks less natural than real wood. But with today's technology, its appearance is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. A series contains up to 90 different prints, giving you - as with wood - a natural pattern when laid

7. The possibilities of this floor are endless

Wood-look tiles come in all sorts of different colors and sizes. From light to dark and from wide to narrow planks. In addition, you can lay the floor in every imaginable pattern. Are you going for classic or trendy herringbone flooring? Or do you choose wood look in the bathroom? Something that can really only be done with ceramics.

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