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The added value of craft

The added value of craft

I am convinced that the phrase "everything used to be better" comes up for everyone at one time or another as you get older.

Developments have not stood still and - in my view - have not always made the right contribution. Thus we have seen how professional knowledge could hardly be passed on to new generations , so that family businesses were not continued because there was supposedly no future for them.

Until roughly the mid-1970s, practical experience was passed on for generations - often from father to son - and business and craft were continued with the knowledge acquired.

In the past 4 decades, the craft largely disappeared, allowing mass production to take off in a big way. Not quality, but price was the deciding factor in many cases. By now, a tipping point has been reached and it is now clear to consumers that inexpensive products really do have a downside. That knowledge, skill and practicing a craft provide an entirely different benefit - quality.

With that appreciation for artisanal products, the demand for high-quality interiors has increased considerably resulting in beautiful - handmade - kitchens, furniture, wall finishes and robust-looking metal doors or lamps that give many an object significantly more personality.

So are floors. As RAW Stones, we take pride in how we craft our handmade floors. Fortunately, this cannot be otherwise, our product is exclusively produced by hand, so we offer a special and characterful product.

Aesthetically, our RAW Stones floors manage to subtly draw attention to themselves. First of all, they are perfect because of small imperfections that adorn every handmade product. In addition, colors play a central role in this because we work with natural color pigments that adapt tremendously well to their environment.

And that quality.....? That is the most important thing for us, we set the bar high internally and work as a team to constantly improve. We believe that this is the added value of craftsmanship. For us, it's all about the details.

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