The balance between functionality and atmosphere

The balance between functionality and atmosphere

As a light artist, I always want to put down a creation that suits the garden, the house and the location. You can never compare a garden in a residential neighborhood to a landscape garden somewhere outside. Finding the right lighting solution is therefore customized. I’m talking about a unique concept to show a garden a different light. That starts with a visit to people’s homes. Together with the residents and sometimes the landscaper or gardener, I tour the garden. Based on my findings, I always suggest a lighting demonstration. This will give residents an idea in advance of what their garden will look like in the evening. Creating a lighting plan is the next step.

In my lighting designs, I always look for the balance between functionality and atmosphere. And that’s important. After all, a garden full of light leaves nothing of its atmosphere. You then get gardens with lighting in the form of light beams that evoke a feeling of a runway.

By the way, gardens that are full of light are not animal-friendly either. The tropical rainforest has been and continues to be my inspiration. Creating a magical world with as few lights as possible. A joy to watch every night, but also a safe place to live in. With a lamp here and there to provide accents and with enough shade to create an exciting effect.

If many bats live there, I often recommend using lamps with a special color spectrum that provides beautiful light to human eyes while not disturbing to bat eyes. Another example is animal-friendly lighting that changes color for a moment when people are detected.

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