The basis for your daily moment of happiness

The basis for your daily moment of happiness

What could be more wonderful to come home after working hard every day and be overwhelmed with a vacation feeling? To step into a completely different world and forget all the troubles for a while, recharge and gain new energy for another day of hard work. Realistic? Maybe not always. Yet I am convinced that the beauty of plantings touches your senses and all the animals they attract make you wonder and delight. At least, if I am to believe my clients, I do!

Planting plans
Should you be considering a new garden? Then realize that a sophisticated planting plan is a must. After all, it is the plants that provide the desired atmosphere and seasonal experience in the garden throughout the year. Creating a planting plan involves much more than you might first suspect. Thus, soil type plays an important role, as does the sunlight of your garden, the environment, available space for planting, you name it. As a designer with extensive botanical knowledge, I will help you create the ideal planting plan.

The right tone
Depending on the desired atmosphere, situation and size of your garden, it may be possible to work with different planting types and layers. Whereby tranquility and lushness alternate and together form a harmonious composition. Feel free to think of me as a “green composer” who uses nature’s multicolor and species richness to design an atmospheric, well-dosed whole that forms the link between people, nature and architecture.

For all types of gardens
A planting plan is part of the overall garden design. Yet you can just as easily come to me for the planting plan alone. Nor does the size of your garden matter: I take care of your rooftop garden as enthusiastically as your landscape garden. The goal is a plan that offers a beautiful and changing experience throughout the year. With attention to flora and fauna, and above all: your wishes.

Unique world of experience
A word about that vacation feeling and that completely different world: you are obviously not going to experience that in a garden with only a monoculture of ornamental grasses or with a limited number of varieties that everyone already has. Would you like to have a garden with plantings that suits you completely and surprises you daily? Then leave the design to Peter van der Velden, the planting specialist for an exclusive and custom made planting design!

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