The color museum of Interior Spraying Jansen

The color museum of Interior Spraying Jansen

Delivering a well-finished product always begins at Interior Spraying Jansen with giving honest and expert advice. There is nowhere better to do this than in the tastefully decorated showroom, the company’s brand new flagship. Customers there get a glimpse of the Nuenen company’s pure craftsmanship in an inspiring environment at their leisure.

Interieurspuiterij Jansen’s original showroom is still located on the first floor, near the entrance to the modern commercial building. Walk one floor up into the brand-new showroom and you immediately discern the metamorphosis. Not only is there about ten times more floor space, the space exudes one and all experience, dynamism and ambition.

The new showroom combines a beautiful piece of nostalgia with a professional and modern vision of current and future developments in the industry. As you drive into the Nuenen industrial park, you immediately get a flash of the most striking samples lined up behind the glass.

In the showroom itself, a total of 200 different samples stand out in a special way. In terms of finishes, there are plenty of choices. Stains, silk gloss, matte gloss, high gloss, VeroMetal®, metallics, effect paints and more: the possibilities are almost limitless.

Behind display cases are special photographs from the early days of Interior Paint Shop Jansen, combined with dated color fans, viscosity meters, sprays, press releases, awards, paints and putty knives. It produces an interior that is very imaginative to customers and creates a very familiar impression.

The opening of the color museum took place on the weekend of Ascension, which simultaneously celebrated the company’s 40th anniversary. All the customers who were invited expressed their admiration while touring the showroom.

Piece by piece, the samples are considered a separate museum piece by Interior Painting Jansen. The new showroom, which was designed together with firm architect Francois Hannes, offers the company many more presentation options towards its main customers: interior designers, interior designers and interior builders.

“Many interior designers only have a limited number of samples on their desk in different shades,” Jansen explains. “While a thousand are stored here in different drawers. Moreover, interior designers can not only find inspiration in the color museum, but also hold their sales meetings. With this we offer an extra piece of service.”

According to the owner, his company is attracting more and more professionals who are still in the design phase of a project. This doesn’t hurt the interior decorator. “Because the moment these people choose their colors with us, we are often also automatically called in to do the spray work,” Jansen confirms.

“That constitutes an additional addition within our portfolio. Apart from that, the color museum provides us with an even better image. In the final months leading up to completion, we only really realized how beautiful the result was going to be. We are all really super proud of this showroom.”

Photography: Peter Baas

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