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The Frame

The Frame

The large black screen on the wall is an eyesore for many people. For that reason, Samsung introduced The Frame in 2017. And the latest The Frame is thinner than ever, just 25mm! This way it looks even tighter on the wall. In addition, this TV blends into the style and decor of your living room like a painting. The Art Store offers a choice of more than 1,500 works of art. Do you choose the Louvre, Van Gogh Museum or still the Magnum photo collection?

TV when it's on. ART when it's off.
The Frame is a TV with 4K QLED picture quality when you turn it on but a beautifully framed work of art when you turn it off. Through Art Mode, the TV transforms into a personal museum. So there is a suitable work of art for every taste and style that also blends seamlessly with the interior.

With the brightness sensor, the TV adapts to the room. Is The Frame in a bright or extremely dark room? Then the brightness and colors adjust accordingly. This allows you to continue to enjoy your chosen artwork under all circumstances. Are you going out of space? Then the motion sensor registers this and automatically turns off the TV. That way you won't waste unnecessary energy.

In addition to your favorite artwork, you can make The Frame even more personal by choosing the frame in a desired color. The magnetic attachment of the frames makes it easy to change frames. When you purchase The Frame through a participating store, you will receive a free Frame frame in color of your choice.

Want to know more?

Create your Wall of Frame at: www.samsung.com/nl/lifestyle-tvs/the-frame/wall-of-frame

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