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The garden trends for 2022

The garden trends for 2022

Summer is just around the corner, slowly we can already enjoy the spring sunshine. Delightful with a cup of coffee in the garden, enjoying the weather, garden and your garden or lounge set. We at Pot Interieur are happy to take you through the garden trends for 2022.

Green accents and earth tones
Sustainability and nature has been number one for years, even in garden furniture. This is important not only in the material the garden design is produced from, but also in the color schemes. This year we see the green accents or earthy tones combined with vibrant colors. These shades are easy to achieve in your garden, roof terrace or balcony through accessories, outdoor rugs and outdoor lighting. Tribù' s Monsieur collection fits this perfectly. The collection consists of crocheted lamps suitable for under the canopy. You can choose from several models in the standing or hanging form. The collection was designed by Belgian Ilia Eckhardt, he has combined traditional techniques with high-quality materials and modern technologies. The crocheted lamps are striking not only because of the choice of materials. Also because of the effect the crochet pattern has when light falls through, it gives a real magical effect. The outdoor lighting is available in various colors such as, moss, linen or brick.

An outdoor rug adds a homey and warm atmosphere to your lounge area. The Shindi outdoor carpet has a luxurious look, adding a finishing touch to your canopy. This rug is available in the natural shades, such as linen, hemp or wenge.

If green accents or earth tones are not your colors, beige is also the trend of the year. It is a neutral color, so beige fits into any garden style, from country to modern or bohemian. Beige is a shade that pairs well with black, gray or white. The color brings a lot of tranquility to a sitting area, yet it is a warm color that is timeless. Pot Interior has many garden furniture pieces where the color option in the cushion is beige.

Bohemian and Ibiza style
Bring the Mediterranean atmosphere to your garden or roof terrace. It has been a trend for several years and continues this year. This way you can still reminisce about your favorite vacation country. When you want to go all Bohemian, the B&B Italia Crinoline armchair is a top piece. This armchair has a high back and is characterized by its wide concave base. Which is reflected in the seat, due to these feminine lines you will love taking a seat in this lovely armchair. This will make you feel like you are back in Ibiza.

Lovely lounge in your own garden or roof terrace is possible with the Tosca Outdoor sofa and armchair it is a stylish and inviting seating furniture. The seat shell is braided and immediately gives a warm feeling. Its round shapes invite you to take a seat, enjoy with friends and family. Monica Armani is the designer of this garden furniture, she is the first female designer of Tribù. She managed to incorporate Tribù's request into the furniture pieces, round shapes, tapered legs and an elegant seat shell.

When you create a lovely seating area in your garden or on your roof terrace, an umbrella should not be missing. Often the base of the parasol is the problem, it is in the middle of the seat, the pole of the parasol is then literally in the way. Or the parasol is placed behind the seating arrangement, preventing you from taking full advantage of the parasol's canopy. This is where Extremis has designed an innovative solution with the Kosmos parasol. This parasol opens horizontally, like a fan. The overhanging canopy allows you to easily place the parasol at the table or seating area, eliminating the need for a parasol base in the middle of your seating arrangement. Its sleek and striking look gives your garden or roof terrace a luxurious feel.

Are you a total fan of the Label Hidde armchair? Then the Label Hidde outdoor armchair is the perfect armchair for you, this is the "outdoor brother" of the Label Hidde. The hammock construction allows you to relax in your garden and totally unwind. Complete the seating area with the Label Koos outdoor side table. Your drink easily at hand when enjoying it in your Hidde outdoor armchair.

Long dining and lounging
Deliciously enjoy barbecuing with friends and family on a summer evening. After dining, enjoy the afterglow with a drink. The Extempore collection from Extremis is a good example. It is a sleek collection of furniture that is timeless, made of extremely durable materials. In doing so, the amount of waste is taken into account; it is reduced to the minimum. You can put together your own seating area, so you can choose from the table, chair, sofa and sofa with back. You can also make your choice of lounge chair or lounger.

Do you want a showpiece of a garden table in your garden? Then the Vis à Vis Outdoor table from Tribù comes highly recommended. It is a teak table, this material is soft and extremely durable. This table is available in a variety of sizes.

More inspiration?
Visit our showroom in Axel, here you can visit our extensive garden furniture department. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the right garden furniture with you. Come test sit, feel materials and ask about options. In the garden furniture department you will also find the Ofyr Classic bbq, with this barbecue you bring together barbecuing and an old-fashioned fire basket in a beautiful piece of design.

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