The mastery behind luxury custom interiors

The mastery behind luxury custom interiors

At RMR Interior Design, design is an experience, the materials are pure and luxurious, and every detail is tailored to the unique aesthetic desires of the client. In addition, RMR regularly works closely with renowned architects, full of passion and precision.

RMR Interior Design is no ordinary interior design company. The team behind RMR Interior Design is a tight-knit collective of craftsmen, designers and builders who approach each project with enthusiasm and conviction.

The focus is on luxury and natural materials, with each custom piece finished to perfection. All this results in warm and stylish interiors that reflect the client’s identity.

The magic of RMR Interior Design is not only found in the completed projects. This company is mostly about the experience, about the whole process from idea to realization. Customers are invited to visit the factory, experience the artisanal workshop and find inspiration in the stylishly decorated mood room. There, customers can feel materials, compare colors and see their own unique piece come to life.

Frank Rijnen – RMR interior construction

“We enjoy working with renowned architects, we ensure that the design is visually translated into confidence and craftsmanship.”

But the experience doesn’t stop there. The company has also released a special RMR book that customers can browse through for inspiration. This book provides a visual overview of the various projects RMR Interior Design has completed, allowing customers to see how their own home ideas can come to life.

RMR Interior Construction focuses on residential homes with a capacity of one thousand to five thousand cubic feet. The customization they provide is high-end, but never over the top. Each design is executed with respect and consideration for the environment and the individuality of the client.

The promise of RMR Interior Design is not only to deliver beautiful interiors, but also to create a unique experience for their customers. From initial sketches to the final product, each step is carefully considered and executed to bring the client’s vision to life. Here you will experience the difference that craftsmanship can make!

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