The new culinary warming drawer

The new culinary warming drawer

Meet your new favorite device

First and foremost, the culinary warming drawer is the perfect slow cooker. In addition, the uniform heat distribution allows you to rise dough up to 80 °C, dry herbs and fruits, defrost frozen meals and ingredients, melt chocolate and ripen yogurt. Be inspired.

Simple operation

Open the drawer and the TouchControl controls become visible. Adjust the temperature in 10°C increments or choose from four automatic programs with preset temperatures (adjustable if you wish for slow cooking, reheating and warming cups and plates).


The drawer is as flexible in placement as it is versatile in use. Combine the culinary warming drawer under or next to your other Gaggenau appliances. Or: place the drawer separately, fitted with a front to match your kitchen design. In combination with kitchen furniture fronts 140 millimeters thick, the drawer can also be placed under your countertop.

Home Connect

With the Home Connect app, you set a timer to end a program, add a favorite setting to the drawer control panel and access programs and recipes available exclusively to the app.

The new culinary warming drawer will be available from October 2022. Would you like to experience the culinary warming drawer? Visit the Gaggenau showroom at Inspiration House 20I20 in Hoofddorp.

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