The Pander, customized luxury experience

The Pander, customized luxury experience

As a boy, Paul Lammertink would sometimes wander the workshop of his father’s furniture factory. Curls and the smell of sawn wood fanned the fire of cabinetmaker in him. Thus, he was instilled with a love for the craft. He still enjoys that smell. Although these days most of his attention is focused on interacting with his customers.

Twente concept
After taking over the factory from his father, Paul worked for more than a decade to grow the company. In addition to craft furniture making, Entern also specializes in interior design and store fitting. By delivering beautiful custom work with heart and soul, he hits the nail right on the head. Lammertink receives assignments throughout the Netherlands and even abroad. His craftsmanship is becoming a household name in the interior design world. Reason enough to rename Lammertink Furniture Factory to De Pander, their old Twente family nickname. A name that has guaranteed solidity and quality for decades.

Everything is possible
De Pander works on behalf of both companies and individuals. “We translate our customers’ wishes into a beautiful production. From a simple walk-in closet to a completely custom design for an entire building. In doing so, we pay close attention to proportions, details and atmosphere. Our goal is to create spaces that provide tranquility and a feeling of well-being. When all the details are right, everyone feels at ease. This can be in a private home, but also a restaurant, hotel or store. We can serve everyone. Everything is possible. De Pander mainly makes a difference because of the knowledge and experience we have in the field of finishing.”

Retro, ultra-modern or super sleek
The office and showroom on Fleuweweg in Enter barely betray the craftsmanship of the cabinetmakers and interior designers. “That’s almost impossible, too,” says Lammertink. “I can show what materials we work with, there are plenty of examples of that. Wood can be worked in many ways. That includes, by the way, the possibilities with which you can finish wood alone. Think also of the application of plastic, leather and metal. We bring that together into a harmonious whole. Retro style, ultra-modern or super sleek, we make everything.”

Added value
The Pander caters to customers who see the added value of customization. ”So everything is measured down to the millimeter. We won’t leave until everything fits exactly. It must be as agreed upon between the two parties. We like to see our clients satisfied. We go very far in that. So we help them develop innovative concepts and provide the ultimate luxury experience. In addition, we are happy to help resolve additional work. For example, we can relieve our clients by also taking care of remodeling, painting, plumbing or electrical work upon request. Actually, De Pander offers a complete solution. And the customer can enjoy unique products to the maximum. Which we, from The Pander have of course made with love and maximum care.”

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