The perfect border tile for every pool

The perfect border tile for every pool

Total provider
Stone base is the total provider in the field of pool edging, from production to custom delivery, in natural stone and ceramic. You can come to us for expert advice. Thanks to a professional laying plan, you can concretely get to a special and sleek result. Because we produce in our own sawmill, we can provide you with the perfect border tile with a relatively short delivery time.

Natural stone
Stone base has a wide range of pool surrounds, in both natural stone and ceramic. Are you going for the charm and natural look of natural stone? Choose from many types such as basalt, hard stone or granite.

In addition to the standard range of ceramic edging tiles (60x60x3 R with a straight nose of 7 cm), Stone base can turn any tile with a thickness of 2 or 3 cm into a pool edging or step element. This allows you to raise both patio and pool from the same tile for a sleek and uniform result.

The possibilities are virtually endless. What if you have a round pool or a pool with rounded corners? Then, too, you can come to us. In fact, we also have matching corners (internal and external) and radius tiles in our range, in addition to straight edge tiles. Not a pool but a pond? We are also happy to help you with cover and pond edges.

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