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The Premiere

The Premiere

What could be better than watching movies and series on a drizzly fall day from the comfort of your own couch with unlimited your favorite snacks in the kitchen? Exactly, nothing! And Samsung is making it possible with The Premiere. Where you normally miss the big cinema screen at home, Samsung makes sure that even that is not lacking during your movie night.

Big and bright 4K image
And by big, we mean really big. The image of this projector goes up to a maximum of 130 inches*. By using a laser light source, the colors are extremely accurate and the image unprecedentedly bright (brightness level of 2800 lumens**). In addition, you can play Netflix or YouTube directly. This is unique for a projector or beamer. And the sound has also been considered. The Premiere, in the LSP9T version, has a built-in Soundbar with 40W 2.4Ch integrated audio for a true cinema experience.

Enthused but not waiting for a white box in the middle of the living room, Samsung does not disappoint. The compact round design has a minimalist yet premium design due to its fabric finish and elegant shaping. And The Premiere can be placed close to the wall. Because of its Ultra short throw tec technology, the LSP9T can stand up to at least 11 inches away from the wall***. With a special projection screen for ultra short throw projectors, you get an even more vivid image. You will temporarily receive these as a gift with purchase.

Want to know more?

See: www.samsung.com/nl/projectors/all-projectors/

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* Applies to the LSP9T. The LSP7T goes up to 120 inches.
** Data based on SAMSUNG internal research.

*** The LSP9T can stand up to at least 11 inches from the wall and the LSP7T up to at least 30 inches.

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