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The temptation of the apple

The temptation of the apple

Growing up on my Grandmother's lap, I already knew: "When I grow up, I want something of Delft Blue. Only then will you count. That was my childhood wish.'' Now I sell the "Delft Blue Ceramic Inflated Apple," worldwide. ''The apple fascinates mankind.''

2008, We sold our company. After a few months of beaches and mountains, it started to itch again. I wanted to get going again. Long story short, I come to terms with the ceramic apples. From there, the idea of

"The Delfs Blue Apple".

Large apples, small apples of ceramics. Very special inflated apples, handmade, some hand-painted in Delft Blue (with the characteristic peacock and poppy by the master painter of De Porceleyne Fles in Delft), packaged in a handmade box. and finally delivered personally, by Sabine. A work of art for indoors. A jewel of a love gift.

InsideOut Luxury's ceramic apples from, are part of a prestigious collection, The Royal Blue Collection. The collection consists of apples in multiple sizes. From Ø 6 cm to Ø 85 cm. The Ø 47 cm apples are sold in a limited edition of five and 20 pieces. There is also a limited edition 0/10 of the large apples Ø 85 cm.

Because of a love of handicrafts and Dutch companies, the first thing I come up with is KLM. Proud am I that the smallest apple in the collection may be sold to plate. The ambition goes further and therefore would like to see an apple given as a promotional gift by the Royal Family when visiting abroad.

I am not a ceramist. I am not a master painter, but I am creative. I only know what I want: the highest quality. If you want to mean something in the market and be a serious partner, you must have a unique product. The entire service package must be correct. Therefore, I absolutely do not want to make any concessions. Each one is created with high-quality craftsmanship, love and dedication, with attention to detail, individually signed. This is the inner luxury, which I am always looking for.

The apple subconsciously triggers something in most people. The taste is international. No matter, as it turns out, which part of the world people come from, the apple is popular by far. It is written in the sagas and in the Bible: the apple fascinates mankind. The apple is the symbol of love, fertility, peace and spring. Apples create a bridge between heaven and earth. People fall for the curves. The apple is feminine, the apple is sexy. The apple is the fruit of knowledge and of rejuvenation.''

I got the enthusiasm for Delftware from my Grandmother. ,,Her dining room used to be completely filled with Delft Blue. Even then I knew: when I grow up, I want something with Delft Blue year signs. Only then will you count. That was my childhood wish. Now I sell it. Worldwide. It is getting bigger and more exclusive. At first I thought: I will sell small apples for the tourist market. But soon I had to rewrite the business plan. The other day I got a call from an art expert. He had never bought anything Delft Blue. Far too traditional. But he wanted my apple, because of the combination with the garland which creates an a-symetrical decor. He put it into words, exactly as I had intended.'' Contemporary Delftware.

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