The trend in stylish rail systems for luxury curtain presentation

The trend in stylish rail systems for luxury curtain presentation

A standard rail is always a fine choice but if it’s up to us, we prefer to present the curtains with even more style. The days of a standard rail system are well and truly over if it is up to us. The beautiful curtains we make deserve much more and the range of stylish systems is growing. Therefore, we also consider a beautiful rod or rail system to be an ornament on the ceiling or wall. A way to present your curtains and an additional accent you can apply to the overall interior.

The overall trend we see is more and more attention to detail, more of a conceptual whole in interior design. The detailing is found in the quality and luxury of finish. The subtle references of the material choices such as, for example, the use of matte brass in the interior can then be perfectly continued in the rails and rod systems. There is also increasing use of multiple layers in window coverings. The multiple layers can be seen in combining blinds, woven wood or folding curtains, combined with luxury curtains. Even passements on curtains are a recurring trend again.

There are many different stylish rod or rail rod systems, all in the shape and color you want. Or go for ultimate convenience with an electric rail system. There are endless materials available to customize the rod or rail rod to your needs. Not only that, but the shape and color are in your control. Prefer something really different? Perhaps a wooden rod or tension cable is the solution for you.

Whatever choice you make, our advice is, present your curtains!

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