The trend in the kitchen: the cooktop with integrated extractor fan

The trend in the kitchen: the cooktop with integrated extractor fan

Create a brand and it will last for years or decades. Create a culture and it will last for centuries. At Gaggenau, they are proud of their culture. They introduced the first modular Vario system with worktop extraction in 1972 and the first worktop extraction system in 1976.

A trend that has been especially popular in the kitchen in recent years. Discover the high-quality worktop extractor and cooktop with integrated extractor from Gaggenau and make a statement in your kitchen.

Flex induction cooktop with integrated extraction
The Flexinduction cooktop with integrated extractor offers great flexibility. With its 80 cm width, there is room for four cooking zones that can be merged into two larger zones as desired. The magnetic, removable control knob is available in stainless steel or black and easily removed when cleaning.

In addition, the Flexinduction cooktop features an ingenious integrated exhaust system. It automatically extracts fumes and odors before they spread through the kitchen. This allows home cooks to concentrate fully on the creative aspect of their culinary adventure.

400 Series countertop extraction
The 400 series Flex induction cooktop with worktop extraction is a set of two flush-integratable Vario induction cooktops combined with worktop extraction. Thanks to its seamless integration into the worktop, the cooktop provides not only impressive performance, but also stunning design. The rectangular cooking zone consists of two flexible induction cooking zones. For larger pans, a teppanyaki, griddle or wok (using a wok ring) easily form one large cooking zone.

In addition to creative freedom in the kitchen, the induction cooktop also offers efficiently integrated worktop extraction. It is centrally located in the middle, so that odors and vapors on both cooking zones are immediately and discreetly absorbed. The user-friendly operation features illuminated stainless steel control buttons and a bright white-orange display. A design that inspires.

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