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The value of art in your interior

The value of art in your interior

Art can be used in the interior in a variety of ways. Think of beautiful works of art in the form of paintings and sculptures, but also by adding a piece of furniture with a very special story or by a well-known designer. We would love to show you the value of art in your interior!

Design furniture or art object?

There are an awful lot of designer furniture in a variety of styles. In some cases, this furniture does differ from the standard. This may be because of the design that is not commonplace, but also, for example, because of a particular use of color or material from which the furniture is made. In our view, this kind of designer furniture is simply stand-alone works of art that make a real statement in your interior. A great example is de Sede's DS-600 sofa, as well as Rietveld's Cassina Red and Blue armchair as an ode to the painter Piet Mondrian. A beautiful piece of fine art.

Leading designers

Like real artists, there are designers who have really meant something to their field. They have put themselves on the map with extraordinary designs; true sculptures that can be considered works of art. For example, how about the famous designs of Jan des Bouvrie? Much of the furniture in the Gelderland brand is by Des Bouvrie. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is also a well-known architect who designed Knoll's iconic Barcelona chair. Then we have Le Corbusier, a grand master when it comes to design. One of his most telling designs is the LC4 recliner by Cassina. We could go on like this for a while.

Custom art

The last but most famous art is that in the form of paintings and sculptures. Art is very personal. You may simply find a work of art beautiful, but it can also touch and evoke certain emotions. So art must fit within one's own emotional world as well as the interior. With this, we can help you further at Pot interior. Read more on our page about Pot from Art or get inspired in our own Art Gallery Pot where our art stylist will be happy to provide you with personalized advice. This is how we achieve the desired result together.

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