The WaterRower: innovative technology with an eye for nature

The WaterRower: innovative technology with an eye for nature

The WaterRower is the ultimate rowing machine for effectively training your entire body (see article 1). By using water as a resistance element, the WaterRower simulates real rowing in a natural way. You are therefore in control of the pace and intensity. If you move slowly, the resistance is low. If you increase the speed, the resistance becomes more intense. In addition, the rowing machine is visually eye-catching. It has a timeless design ( see article 2) and thus fits effortlessly into any environment.

In addition to technology and design, sustainability is also an important pillar in the design and production of the WaterRower. Sustainability starts with choosing quality; the longer you do with our rowing machine, the fewer raw materials we need to use. But what materials does the WaterRower consist of?

Responsibly produced

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. The sustainable hardwoods are exclusively selected and harvested only from sustainably maintained forests in the Appalachia Mountain region, among others, in the eastern part of the United States. Here, tree replanting is faster than harvesting by an average factor of 2.29. We use only young and flexible hardwood, this way we can provide the right quality and guarantee a longer life. The natural and handcrafted leather is dyed on a vegetable basis. With water as the resistance element, using the WaterRower is also environmentally friendly.

“The wood we used is very robust and perfectly suited for the construction of the WaterRower.”

So do you exercise at home and want to train your entire body within one workout? Then consider indoor rowing with the WaterRower, innovative technology with an eye for nature.

WaterRower, strong for more than 30 years

WaterRower has been designing and manufacturing rowing machines of exceptional quality and unique design since 1988. The WaterRower was designed in the 1980s by John Duke, rower with Yale University and US National Team. The rowing machine is not only a visual eye-catcher but also a technical highlight. It has a compact, rectilinear build, and by using distinctive, high-quality materials, it fits effortlessly into any environment.

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