The window decoration for tilt and turn windows: shutters of course!

The window decoration for tilt and turn windows: shutters of course!

Finding window decorations for a tilt and turn window a daunting task? You certainly don’t have to! Consider atmospheric shutters. JASNO shutters are 100 percent custom-made and provide an attractive and practical solution for your tilt and turn windows.

Shutters on the tilt and turn window
The main advantage of a tilt-and-turn window is that you can open the window all the way but also leave it ajar via the tilt position. Only few window coverings are suitable for this purpose. Shutters are the perfect solution in this case. Shutters can be mounted on the tilt window itself allowing the window to be opened both ways. The shutter then rotates with the moving part of the window. So what about the latch or window handle you will think? JASNO can extend the latch of the tilt and turn window so that you can continue to operate the tilt and turn window with shutter as usual.

Shutters can also be used for a tilt-up window
Option two is to have the shutters mounted in front of the tilt-and-turn window. This way, the shutters do not tilt with the window, but the tilt window can tilt open while the shutter panels remain in place. Simply slide the shutters aside to easily open the tilt-turn window. JASNO can put an attractive, flat window handle (only 15mm thick) on your tilt and turn window. How convenient is that!

JASNO is the expert in shutters
Shutters are a luxurious addition to any interior. JASNO shutters excel in quality and are made from the durable Paulownia wood. For damp areas such as the bathroom, you can even choose the special aqualine shutters. And are you looking for window decoration for a window with a special shape? From round, triangular to skylight JASNO shutters are always made to measure and are suitable for any window. More information? Schedule a no-obligation consultation, request a brochure or get in touch.

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