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These are the 4 main points to consider when buying a playhouse

These are the 4 main points to consider when buying a playhouse

Are you going to buy a tree house or purchase a wooden playhouse? These tips will help you enjoy your purchase for as long as possible.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but we still regularly see it go (almost) wrong. Many people tend to buy a playhouse or tree house that is either too small or too large. You can prevent this by marking off the area in your garden, for example, with ribbons where your tree house or wooden playhouse should go. It's nice for your children if they can still walk (or run, of course) around the house or treehouse properly and you still have some garden left.

Wood Quality
Many cheap playhouses and tree houses that you can buy online or at the hardware store are made of inferior wood. In the showroom they look nice, but after a few years in all weathers you start to notice. Always choose a tree house or wooden playhouse made from durable, robust woods such as larch or Douglas fir. Then your tree house or playhouse will stay beautiful longer!

Most importantly, your children will soon be playing happily in their new tree house or wooden playhouse. Therefore, think carefully about the type of treehouse or playhouse you buy. For example, a playhouse on the ground is perfect for smaller children, while a playhouse on stilts or a treehouse is adventurous for slightly older children. Do you have agile children? Then consider a fire pole, rope ladder, swing or slide. For children who like to play fantasy games, a multi-room cottage is highly recommended. That way it truly becomes their own home.

In a number of cases, it is wise to find out beforehand whether your municipality requires a permit to install a playhouse. Especially when you want a large playhouse built in a very visible location. Through the website of the Environment Counter you can check the situation in your hometown.

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