Three revolutionary products in one; we call this the MISTRAL

Three revolutionary products in one; we call this the MISTRAL

The STEEL Mistral is the world’s first range stove to combine an oven, induction hob and cooktop extractor fan.

The brushless high-performance motor, has an extraction capacity of 700m3/per hour divided into four modes with a maximum noise level of only 63dB. This extracts cooking odors, very effectively and silently.

The FLEXzone induction technology, is operated by rock-solid solid steel control knobs, which are naturally located on the front of the stove. These are not only convenient when operating the induction zones, but also provide more space on the induction cooktop.

The Mistral comes standard with carbon filters, suitable for plasma technology and air extraction directly to the outside.

The multifunction hot air oven has a net capacity of 91 liters and is equipped with the new and patented INNVENT ventilation technology. Two fans rotate in opposite directions, ensuring perfect hot air distribution over the entire surface on all levels.

The oven has a maximum temperature range of 315°C. The full color TFT screen, is also electronically adjustable by control buttons and displays the core temperature of the dish if desired. The soft-close door hinges provide a silent door closure.

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