Tieleman kitchen installed by own craftsmen in Belgium

Tieleman kitchen installed by own craftsmen in Belgium

Florentine van Geest is happy to take you into her Tieleman kitchen.

“I’ve always been told I’m not an easy customer. I know what I want and how I want it. To find a team to match is not easy and is a belonging challenge. But at Tieleman, they passed with flying colors!

We were quietly received in their beautiful showroom. They advised us professionally without losing sight of the budget. Thus was born our dream kitchen. While we were waiting for the quote we had a delicious lunch in the restaurant. They are very service-oriented at Tieleman and communication is paramount. As a result, aftercare was also excellent.

We chose a timeless, oak kitchen. We had the wall cabinets painted dark gray, to get a nice contrast between the island and the fixed parts. To reflect the dark of the cabinets, we chose a black top from Fenix. A sleek, modern look as a counterpart to the warm rustic look of the oak. Besides looking beautiful, Phoenix sheet is very easy to maintain. A big plus for in a busy family life.”

Kind regards,

Florentine van Geest

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