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Top 5 lounge sets summer 2022

Top 5 lounge sets summer 2022

The patio season has begun and for the summer of 2022, the top 5 lounge sets are known! From lightweight aluminum, durable teak to elegant rattan. We've listed them for you:

No. 5 SIL lounge set by Royal design
Go for a cool lounge set under the patio canopy or by the pool. The elements are easily connected to create your own lounge set-up. The lounge furniture is made of certified teak.

No. 4 KODO lounge set by Vincent Sheppard
Looking for a lightweight garden set? The KODO is perfect and easy to move around. A modern and elegant lounge set for the terrace or under the veranda. Available in white or anthracite made of aluminum and rope rope.

No. 3 OLIVIA lounge set by Royal design
Hip rattan and at the same time a rural touch, that characterizes lounge set Olivia. Create your own beach feel on your patio and experience the ultimate summer with a rattan lounge set made of responsible kubu wicker.

No. 2 FAY lounge set by Royal design
A modern and minimalist design that is lounge set FAY. The generous and ornate lounge cushions provide optimal seating comfort. This lounge set is perfect for if you are looking for a higher model lounge set.

No. 1 KOEN lounge set by Royal design
The favorite among all lounge sets: lounge set KOEN made of sustainable recycled teak. Easily create your own arrangement through the modular elements. So you easily slide the elements into a corner sofa arrangement or chaise lounge combined with a sofa arrangement. KOEN is modern and timeless at the same time.

Stop by our inspiring showroom and see the different options of lounge sets and we will be happy to advise you! Welcome to Royal Design.

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