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Top architect Valerio Olgiati becomes the new face of Switzerland’s V-ZUG

Top architect Valerio Olgiati becomes the new face of Switzerland’s V-ZUG

"Perfection means nothing if you cannot feel it" - Valerio Olgiati

An architect from Flims, Switzerland, Valerio Olgiati is one of the most influential contemporary architects. As of now, he is also the brand new face of V-ZUG, the Swiss brand for premium household appliances, which has recently been sold in Belgium and the Netherlands. His radical style and conceptual architecture placed him at the forefront of the architectural avant-garde. According to his view, it is not the function of space, but the way it is perceived, that matters.

Perfection becomes tangible
In the clean lines and authentic materials of V-ZUG's new Excellence Line, we also sense Valerio Olgiati's pursuit of perfection. Those two elements create a unique atmosphere and they perfectly match your kitchen architecture.

The Excellence line sets new standards
Excellence Line appliances bring Swiss perfection to your home. From the fastest combi-steam oven to the elegant WineCooler, the appliances combine timeless design with innovation and ease of use. Together they form a unique, elegant product family that has the same look and feel and can be perfectly integrated into any kitchen.

Design and intuition
The CombiCookTop features an integrated hood recessed into the glass of the cooktop. This allows vapors to be discharged directly where they originate. In this way, the cooktop combines two appliances in one, allowing for more freedom in kitchen planning and more space when cooking

Fast, simple, stylish - an inspiring cooking experience

V-ZUG has been developing and manufacturing household appliances in Switzerland for more than 100 years, and launched the first steam oven for private use 20 years ago. With the Excellence Line, V-ZUG brings perfection and top quality to every kitchen. SlowCooking, ProfiBaking or Vacuisine - with professional applications, optimal results are guaranteed for perfect evenings. The new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam reduces cooking time by almost half, without sacrificing quality or flavor.

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