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Tophoveniers: unburdening as an extra distinguishing factor

Tophoveniers: unburdening as an extra distinguishing factor

In addition to the high-quality craftsmanship and the exclusive and eye-catching nature of the gardens, the complete unburdening of the clients is also an important point by which members of the Top Gardeners distinguish themselves. “That starts with the very first conversation and ends with the delivery of the garden. Although in very many cases the cooperation continues after that, because we are also asked for the maintenance of the garden. Of course, our clients are completely relieved in those cases as well,” says Gert Wijsman, owner of Wijsman Hoveniers, one of the nine experienced landscaping companies that make up Tophoveniers.

“If you take the plunge with a company affiliated with Tophoveniers, as a client you may expect not only that you will get a garden that completely matches your garden wishes – or even exceeds your high expectations – but certainly also that the entire process will be pleasant and that you will be neatly helped, guided and spoken to in a good and professional manner. And especially also that any issues are immediately addressed by us. The whole picture has to be right,” says the experienced Gert Wijsman, who points out that relieving our clients of their worries starts at the very first meeting. “Listening carefully to the garden wishes and interpreting them correctly are very important points during the intake interview. What are the garden wishes and how do they want to experience the garden? The garden designers and architects sense very well what the clients really want and, based on that information, create a design in which all the points mentioned are incorporated as well as possible and with which they always surprise the clients. We as Wijsman Hoveniers, but also the other members of the Tophoveniers, often receive the compliment from clients that without our expertise and creativity they would not have arrived at such a design.”

“Today’s gardens are visibly different from gardens of a more distant past. Where once there was a terrace, a pond and grass, today there is much more involved than just landscaping. If there is specialist work that we do not master, we – and this also applies to the other Tophoveniers – call in reliable and good professionals. Parties we have worked with before and which we support one hundred percent. We are and remain the point of contact for our clients. In such situations you can see us as a landscaper, garden contractor and construction supervisor all in one. We handle everything ourselves with these parties; our clients have nothing to worry about. That too is unburdening.”

A partnership with one of the Top Gardeners does not have to end the moment clients can enjoy their dream garden. All nine quality companies are also strong players in garden maintenance. “When you as a client choose a garden from one of the Top Gardeners, you are choosing quality in both materials and execution. Such an approach means a considerable investment. We therefore recommend having the garden maintained by a professional. This can be done weekly, monthly, but also twice a year. Personally, I always say that if you buy an expensive car, you also want it to be well maintained. So why would you make a different choice with an expensive garden? We sometimes come across places where people have made a different choice and then we find ‘a small battlefield’. This is obviously a waste of energy and investment. You want to enjoy a top garden for a long time,” the experienced craftsman rightly points out. He continues: “As Top Gardeners, we work well together and exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences. For example, if someone has been working with a new product or supplier, we share the findings at our meetings. This keeps us up to date on things going on in the market. But even if one of the companies has an issue, there is always one of our colleagues ready to help or support. Together we are enormously strong in this way and that is what makes it so interesting for our clients to work with one of the Tophoveniers.”

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