Tree planting season: almost over

Tree planting season: almost over

Currently, you see trucks full of trees driving down the highways. For growers, it is now full season. Where many consumers don’t think about putting new plants in the garden until nice weather and 20 degrees, for professionals it’s a race against time.

Modern cultivation methods ensure that today we can put new plants in our garden all year round. Hydrangeas, Lavender and many other popular garden plants are grown in pots. Because all the roots are in the pot, they can be planted in the garden from the nursery or garden center and then start growing immediately.

It is different for large trees and many types of hedges. These must be transplanted during the planting season. The sap flow stops in winter, the tree “sleeps,” so to speak. This allows trees to be transplanted and removed from the open ground. The tree is uprooted with a large root ball and “wakes up” in its new location in the spring. The sap flow resumes the tree continues to grow in the garden. Many hedge species, such as beech, maple and privet, are also mostly uprooted and relocated with roots or small root ball.

Trees with root ball often weigh several hundred pounds. Want a new big tree in your garden? Then it is wise to hire a professional. These large trees will be moved and planted by crane. The root ball of new trees is anchored with tree stakes or a root ball anchor to ensure that the roots are fixed. The hair roots can then find their way into the new soil.

The planting season for trees and hedges usually begins in mid-November when the leaves have fallen. So by King’s Day, most trees have leaves again and the planting season is over. Can you not plant trees at all from May then? Yes, you can, provided the tree was removed from the open ground in season. The trees are then stored with root ball and all above ground in a separate field at the nursery or in a shed. In this way, the planting season can be stretched several weeks to months. Or the tree is placed in a large pot with root ball and all. Thus, the desired tree can be planted even in the middle of summer! Then, of course, give the tree plenty of water. This applies to all trees and hedges that you newly it placed.

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