Trend Wall Cladding: Thermowood

Trend Wall Cladding: Thermowood

With wood cladding, transform your home into a spectacular dream palace! Whether you want to give an existing house a new look or are in the process of building a new villa; the facade of your house determines the appearance of your home. We provide wood cladding in a variety of types, but we see that Thermowood is currently wildly popular. Time to highlight this type of cladding through this blog!

From origin to lead
Thermo wood is a collective term for thermally treated wood, this can be different types of wood. We supply Thermo wood in Ash, Pine and Ayous. This wood is originally not suitable for outdoor use. Thermally treating the soft wood (at least 215°C) changes the structure of the wood. Heating is done only with steam; no chemicals are involved. This makes the durability and moisture resistance equivalent to that of tropical hardwood.

Top shelf sustainability
ThermoWood is an ecological alternative because the wood comes from fast-growing trees from sustainably managed forests in northern Europe. It answers the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Thermowood is dimensionally stable, stable and unhindered by cracks or pique. This makes this wooden cladding very suitable for outdoor applications. When completed, Thermowood is warm and dark in color. Under the influence of weather, this type of wood will gray nicely over time.

Profiling determines
We supply Thermowood in Ayous, Ash, Pine and Clear Pine. Each type of wood can be used in different profiles, and the profile partly determines the appearance of the cladding. For more information on this, see this page. Did you know that you can also request a sample of any type of material?

Why choose thermowood?

  • 100% ecological, eco-friendly
  • The alternative to tropical hardwood
  • Iron strong resistance to rot
  • Form-fitting and stable
  • Insulating : 25% more sound and thermal insulation than non-thermally modified wood
  • 30% more fire-resistant than ordinary wood
  • Insect formation is excluded because moisture was removed from the wood by heat treatment
  • Suitable for facades, fences and terraces
  • Available in Quickclip and our revolutionary Magnet system

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