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Turn your living room into a true home theater

Turn your living room into a true home theater

The TV has gained a prominent place in the home over the years. In most living rooms, the TV is the central focal point, around which furniture, lamps and accessories are placed. With the right TV furniture your TV comes into its own. Berden Wonen has the right solutions for this.

The new way of watching TV
The TV has been the central centerpiece of the living room for years; nothing has changed about this. Only the way we watch television has changed. Less and less people watch a program at the time it is broadcast, so-called linear TV viewing. This is partly because almost every subscription includes the ability to decide when to watch which program. In addition, there are various streaming services, which also make it easier for viewers to watch their favorite program at their own time. This gives viewers access to a wide range of programs, series and movies, this you can watch at any time.

Because of this large selection, we have increasingly started watching movies from the comfort of our armchairs, rather than going to the theater for movies. Movies are still made for the big screen, with an eye toward a great audio system. For this, you also need matching visual and audio equipment. A good television with sharp picture quality and a high-quality audio system should certainly not be missing then, in your living room. In addition to great picture and audio quality, a stylish audio TV cabinet and a lovely recliner completes your home theater!

Design audio TV furniture at Berden
Berden has a large selection of beautifully designed designer TV furniture. Your television comes into its own and you can enjoy your own home theater to the fullest. The designers have thought about the design of this TV furniture so well that you can hide the cables.

Pastoe offers the customer endless possibilities. You have both the choice of hanging or standing your TV furniture. Equipment can be easily stored in the cabinets and connected to the television through the cable opening. Pastoe not only provides a fantastic finish to the TV furniture. Pastoe has also thought about cable concealment. Furniture from Pastoe can come in any size and finish.

The Landscape System is characterized by its stacked hulls. These hulls can be fitted with both closed and open compartments, with different spacers. The intermediate beams emphasize the horizontal lines. Through the different elements and colors, you can create your own Landscape System.

If you would like to put valuable memories next to your TV, the Pastoe Track System cabinet is a suitable option. Despite being an open cabinet, Pastoe has done everything possible to hide the cables. This includes cable passages, slots in the bottom, cutouts, cable guides and an infrared extender.

Interl├╝bke's Studimo cabinet system also offers great options for your home theater. This cabinet can be completely customized to suit your needs. You have a wide choice of colors and materials. For example, you can choose to hide your television behind stylish sliding doors.

Want to create an optimal home theater experience at your home? Then Spectral' s furniture is the cream of the crop. This brand is unique in that the audio system is stylishly integrated and completely hidden invisibly in the TV cabinet. There are several types of soundbars available from Spectral itself or from Sonos, you have a choice of good, better or the best possible sound. All this is easily offered with an app, leaving yourself with only two things to do. Namely, relax and enjoy your own home theater!

Lovely armchairs at Berden
To complete your own home theater, a recliner should not be missing. At Berden you can find a large selection of recliners, where you can sit back and enjoy your movie.

The Label Hidde armchair is a real eye-catcher and fits almost any interior. This very comfortable armchair invites you to take a seat and relax in it. While enjoying your movie or series, do you also want to be able to put your feet up high? Then the Label Hidde pouf is a perfect match for this armchair.

Would you prefer a playful armchair in your living room? Then the B&B Italia husk armchair is very suitable. This armchair offers you luxurious comfort with a playful twist, ideal for watching your favorite series or movie.

Would you rather put your feet up and have a drink with your series? That's the Jori JR-7760 Brainbuilder armchair your recliner! This armchair's comfortable seating makes you completely forget where you are. Take a seat and get totally immersed in your series or movie.

This is, of course, a small selection from the extensive collection of Berden Wonen. View the entire collection on our website or visit one of our home improvement stores. Not every home furnishing store has the equal offer in the home furnishing stores, please contact us, we will be happy to inform you where to find your favorite piece of furniture.

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