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Unique fireplaces as eye-catchers

Unique fireplaces as eye-catchers

A fireplace as an interior-enriching piece of furniture. An eye-catcher with a luxurious look around which the warmest memories are created. Known for her impressive collection of stone fireplaces, Anneke Dekkers has been a household name in the South Holland region for more than 40 years. Since early 2017, Daniëls Fireplaces has been a dealer of the luxury brand Anneke Dekkers, and its special and diverse range of classic fireplaces and fireplaces is available through the Rotterdam-based fireplace specialist.

Modern and classic fireplaces
Unique to Anneke Dekkers' fireplaces are the exclusive and weathered stone types used. Both marble and various types of limestone. Old and new and fit into any interior. Whether you like modern or prefer classic, there is always a fireplace to match your decor. A stove or fireplace with one of these fireplaces turns any room into a warm, cozy place. Like Daniëls Fireplaces, the Anneke Dekkers brand has positioned itself strongly in recent years. By including the brand in the versatile collection, expertise, craftsmanship and creativity melt together in a beautiful way in Daniëls Fireplaces' showroom.

Custom fireplaces
Anneke Dekkers' fireplaces can be customized in detail to your requirements - for example, to your own design or idea. So you can compose the type of fireplace, shape and size yourself. Anything is also possible in detailing the fireplace, for example with a family crest, a shell or a lion. Of course, creating the right balance is the big goal. This applies to every style of living. For example, a natural stone classic fireplace by Anneke Dekkers can also be perfectly combined with modern items or with a minimalist interior. But also consider the possibilities of unexpected color and/or material combinations above or around the fireplace. In short, everything is always about realizing your personal look. The result? A dreamed overall picture that warms and connects.

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