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Unique in customized solutions

Unique in customized solutions

BARNEVELD - 'Help, we have an open space in the wall, but can't find a suitable door. What should we do? Top Deuren offers the solution: a door completely custom-made! "Almost anything is possible with us," Janice den Hartog explains.

Top Deuren in Barneveld has the largest collection of doors in the Central Netherlands, for both contractors and individuals. The collection is broad, from country and classic to sleek and modern, and every application is imaginable. 'Our collection starts with the standard door and ends with very specific customization. We also offer any delivery and installation service,' says Janice.

Customization is increasingly in demand, she says. 'We are unique in custom solutions and like to think with the customer. What is convenient? This can be a swing door, but also a sliding door, in any size and style. Many styles and colors are also possible when it comes to door fittings and hardware. We like to show the possibilities in our showroom.'

The professional and close-knit team at Top Doors puts their shoulders to the wheel every day to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Janice: "We still have several vacancies open. Check our website for an overview. Are you interested? Then contact us!

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