Unique route for Antwerp Design Week

Unique route for Antwerp Design Week

During Antwerp Design Week, several Dutch and Belgian design brands, together with the ADDV founders, will present their work. Visitors can enjoy high quality designs and meet the people behind the brands. Visitors can contact the organization or participating companies to create a unique and personalized route through the event. But can also use the routes suggested on HIGH.design. The following itinerary involves 5 companies located near each other, allowing you to tour them in one day.

Scapa Home

Apply your vision of life within your home with sophisticated designs from SCAPA HOME. SCAPA HOME is a high-end Belgian interior design brand that evolves with you and the world we live in. Transform any space into a true home by adding beautiful textures and inviting colors , applied in a minimalist design . Explore our extensive catalog of textiles, meu- bels, tableware and decorative solutions. Backed by a rich heritage and years of experience, our dedicated SCAPA HOME PROJECTS team can provide customized interior design advice. We strive to make every space feel like a home. Passionate about attractive, timeless designs. Our total designs are created especially for YOU with attention to detail and durability. Continually striving to convey the SCAPA spirit.


Designing and creating desirable objects for the home is our business and our passion. The story began in Tom & Sabine Verellen’s hometown of Antwerp, Belgium, where old and new – modern and traditional – come together in natural harmony. Continue on to High Point, North Carolina, where furniture-making knowledge is in the DNA and talent is abundant. The Verellens have recruited a passionate and creative team of men and women to give life to their unique ideas. Originated in Belgium, perfected in America.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Customization is what we love. Verellen makes upholstered furniture like no one else. We invite you to take a seat and experience it for yourself, and we’re pretty sure it will be love at first sight.

Henry Dean

Founded in 1972, the Henry Dean company has grown into a second-generation family business focused on designing and creating unique glass objects, vases and dinnerware. Each of our designs is made and produced in-house in Europe by specialized artisans.

Royal Botania

Royal Botania designs iconic, luxury outdoor furniture for discerning customers. Using only the highest quality materials combined with top-notch craftsmanship, Royal Botania produces sleek and eye-catching furniture. Royal Botania leads the world in creating beautiful outdoor furniture for patios, pools, gardens and homes that is both stylish and durable.


and creative and free-thinking team with more than 25 years of experience. Sempre Life brings joy and inspiration into your daily life. We support your project from A to Z to deliver original lifestyle products and solutions for your hotel, restaurant or private property projects.

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