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Unique shutters with raised panel

Unique shutters with raised panel

Looking for suitable window decoration for large patio (garden) doors? JASNO shutters on rails offer the solution. Made from quality Paulownia wood, our shutters are a durable choice for your interior. Moreover, they act as insulation in the winter and keep the heat out of the house in the summer. JASNO shutters can be fully personalized because, like all JASNO window decorations, they are fully custom-made. Do you have a door where the lower part is closed? Then choose shutters with a raised panel. Then you get a unique louvered door with a closed panel below and slats above which can easily be placed in the desired position. Thus, one enjoys privacy as well as natural light. Shutters with raided panel are also great for closet doors.

Inspired and want to learn more about our shutters with stunning raised panel? Check out JASNOshutters.com or find a dealer near you.

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