Vision: the next 5 years

Vision: the next 5 years

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Sometimes things turn out differently than expected, think of the pandemic, for example. The best thing is if you respond flexibly to that; downshift for a moment and accelerate again. This is only possible with a clear focus on the future. Here is my vision for the next 5 years.

Prediction 1: Sense of security in the home becomes more important

News reports show that a situation can quickly spiral out of control. During an emergency, you want to be safe in your own home. With a high-security door, you can rest easy. For these super-secure doors, we combine the technology of steel fire- and burglar-resistant doors with bullet-resistant steel profiles and glazing. Add a liquid-proof sill and you are resistant to a range of attacks. While maintaining the beautiful appearance, of course. Optionally, we can apply Smartfoil so you can darken the door with the push of a button. Behind the “High Security” door, there is plenty of time to call for help.

Prediction 2: Periods of work-at-home advice alternate

From one day to the next, many of us were suddenly working from home. This can happen more often. Regional and/or local homemaking counseling can be a tool in multiple (emergency) situations. For example, the weatherman could issue a Code Red forecast with a local homework advisory. Or the Department of Public Works has bridge maintenance done with a homework advisory for the surrounding area. So make sure you have a solid workplace in your home. With a facade of steel and glass, you create your home-office that is both transparent and enclosed. You can work productively in defined periods while maintaining a pleasant contact with the home front. Nice and flexible, everyone happy.

Whole or half circles will give steel doors an organic look

Prediction 3: Plane distribution changes to round shapes

In terms of design, the four-plane glass division is the most copied. Other versions are closed or transparent versions of rectangles. I expect these straight lines to turn into round shapes. Whole but also half circles will give the steel doors an organic look. There is a demand for variations in round shapes in multiple types of materials. For example, (half) circles of brass in steel doors.

What I want to change: New construction without interior walls

I often hear that clients have a lot of trouble getting the interior walls customized to their needs in their newly built homes. Doorways wider and/or higher, certain walls smaller or larger, every change is an ordeal. Suppose the contractor concentrates purely on the load-bearing walls. Then we can use steel walls and room dividers to customize the living space. With movable room dividers, we can even adjust the size of the dining and living room to suit your needs, the number of guests or even the season. Housing becomes flexible customization.

What remains the same

Exclusive Steel wants to make a difference today, but also tomorrow. Let’s agree.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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