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Wabi sabi, the interior design trend that will make you happy

Wabi sabi, the interior design trend that will make you happy

Wabi sabi is a philosophy of life originating in Japan. "Wabi" comes from "wabiruba," which stands for loneliness, yearning, desolation, austerity or artlessness. 'Sabi' means impermanence, a reference to all that passes. Together, it represents the beauty of austerity and of the ephemeral. Think of a leaf in autumn that loses its color, dries out and slowly decays into a fragile, translucent, veined skeleton.

In terms of interior design, this philosophy of life translates into sobriety, subdued colors and unique shapes that are never perfectly round but rather organic. You taste nature and the ephemeral in the objects.

At a time when we are overwhelmed by beauty and perfection via social media, the most perfect interiors pass by daily. In reality, however, it is not easy to keep everything so neat. A house needs to be lived in, and that leaves its mark. Wabi Sabi embraces those traces. A spot on the left or right is totally okay. A crooked seam too. Knots in an oak top make the table perfect in its imperfection.

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