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Wallpaper as an eye-catcher

Wallpaper as an eye-catcher

Create a real eye-catcher in your interior by wallpapering a wall with wallpaper with a cool print! Or instead, go for a wallpaper in a tone-on-tone color with the other walls. In no time at all, wallpaper works away the wall you have grown tired of. The options are endless! A fine balance is created with an accent wall with wallpaper.

Advantages of wallpaper
With wallpaper, you can easily give a room a new look. Think cool prints such as botanical, geometric or other colorful patterns. There is a lot of variety in wallpaper because of the size range.

With wallpaper, there is the opportunity to ensure that you bring a completely different world into your home. Here you can think of photo wallpaper of a beautiful vacation village or an overgrown forest. You can also create a personalized wall with your own photos. Anything is possible.

Disadvantages of wallpaper
Wallpaper also has disadvantages; the cost of wallpaper is usually more expensive than the cost of painting your wall. Applying wallpaper involves quite a bit of care. You sometimes see gaps forming between the seams of the wallpaper. Glue bubbles can also be seen if it is not applied properly. So wallpaper skills of the wallpaperer are important for a beautiful result.

In the wallpaper world, more and more wallpaper types have been added in recent years. The techniques have improved and so you keep coming across something new. The most common wallpapers are Fiberglass wallpaper, renovations wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper.

  • Paper Wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is the most classic form of wallpaper. It has been used for years. In recent years, this type of wallpaper has become less popular. This is because there are now more sophisticated wallpapers on the market that possess properties that make most people happy.

What is paper wallpaper?
Paper wallpaper consists of 2 layers of papers pressed together where the top layer, the layer you look against after wallpapering often has a texture.

Advantages: Paper wallpaper is an inexpensive option if you want to wallpaper. For relatively little money wallpaper an entire room.

Disadvantages: Paper wallpaper is fragile, care must be taken when wallpapering to avoid flattening the structure. It is also difficult to get paper wallpaper seamlessly on the wall. This is because wallpaper expands when you contact it with glue and climbs when it is completely dry.

  • Fiberglass Wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is also known by the names fiberglass wallpaper, cheesecloth, phloem cloth. This all means the same thing.

Advantages: unlike the fragile paper wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper is strong and can therefore withstand a beating. On this, this wallpaper type is suitable for rooms where there is a lot of activity. The method of pressing makes it easy to apply a motif in the wallpaper. The wallpaper is otherwise good to use on substrates that are not completely even due to dents, holes and cracks. You can use this wallpaper for ceilings and paint it as well. So if you want something different again, you don't have to take the wallpaper off your wall.

Disadvantages: Fiberglass wallpaper is a bit more difficult to apply than paper wallpaper. It is stiffer and coarser and thus does not allow itself to be led as easily. In addition, it is also difficult to remove from the wall.

  • Renovlies

If you're looking around for wallpaper, you've probably come across the terms fiberglass and renovlies. This is because both wallpapers have almost the same properties.

Advantages: Renovlies is suitable as a top coat for your wall, is impact resistant and can be used to smooth away unevenness. So the wall does not have to be completely level before you apply this type of wallpaper. Renovovlies can be seen as a replacement for stucco.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of renovlies wallpaper are especially great when compared to stucco. With renovlies, there is a chance that folds will become visible over time this is especially noticeable at the corners. When you choose renovlies, there is no turning back. This is because it is not possible to plaster over this wallpaper.

  • Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is wallpaper made entirely or largely of artificial eye. Thus, this wallpaper is a completely different species from those discussed above. Vinyl wallpaper comes in two varieties of flat vinyl and foam vinyl.

Advantages: Because the wallpaper is largely made of plastic, it is suitable for damp rooms, such as a bathroom. Vinyl wallpaper is durable, relatively strong and washable. Flat vinyl is better suited for a bathroom than foam vinyl.

Disadvantages: It is good wallpaper for specific rooms but therefore the price is also higher than other wallpapers. In addition, wallpaper is more difficult to apply than paper wallpaper. Also, the wall may have difficulty breathing when this wallpaper is applied, this could cause blistering.

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