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Watching TV an indoor activity? If it is up to Samsung, not

Watching TV an indoor activity? If it is up to Samsung, not

Watching TV, we immediately associate it with indoor relaxation. But that doesn't have to be the case at all. Thanks to The Terrace, you can now enjoy all your TV fun just as much outside. Winter or summer, rain or sun, day or night, The Terrace always provides beautiful images.

Made for the outdoors
Although we all hope for a sun-drenched summer, there can be the occasional day of rain in the Netherlands. No problem for The Terrace which features an IP55 protection rating1 making it resistant to water, dust and heat. So you can enjoy The Terrace year-round there that can withstand temperatures from -31° to 50° Celcius2.

Bright QLED 4K image
Even on the sunniest days of the year, watch your favorite movie from your lounge set in the garden. The anti-reflection feature reduces screen reflections. In addition, the screen offers a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits and guarantees QLED image quality with 100% color volume3.

Fully equipped
Because you don't want to miss anything from your favorite Netflix series or that exciting sports game this summer, you can easily switch between different apps or regular TV channels thanks to the built-in Tizen Smart platform. You can even view it simultaneously on the same screen with the Multi View function. Or mirror your Smartphone content with The Terrace using AirPlay2 or Tap View4.

In short, The Terrace is a real asset for those who do not want to miss anything of the latest movies and series this summer and the wonderful summer weather. Want to know more? Then click here.

1 Protection against water and dust is based on the IP55 rating, as specified in the standard IEC 60529.

2 Avoid placing The Terrace directly in the sun.

3 The internationally renowned testing and certification organization Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) has confirmed that QLED TVs can produce a color volume of 100%.

4 Tap view/Tap view function is only possible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones with Android 8.1 or higher. This service works only when the TV and cell phone are on.

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