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We are Caza

We are Caza

Last month, Natuursteen Totaal launched its brand new name: Caza. Rob Rutjes, owner of Caza: "We quite often got surprised reactions when people came to our studio. They didn't know, for example, that we also sell tiles and sanitary ware. They often thought we only offered natural stone, and that was mainly in the name.' Reason enough to think hard about a new name. But it didn't stop there. Rob: "We wanted to get it right the first time. Not just a new name, but a fresh look and a website that suits what we do. In recent years we have always experienced good growth. With this step we are ready for the future.

Caza is your North Star
Together with Brndz, a digital agency based in Rijssen, the brand story and corresponding (online) strategy were redeveloped. Caza takes you on a journey and in the process is your scout; your North Star. Rob: "Brndz helped us in the whole process, from strategy to practice. We are really proud of what we have now. We now show much more what we have to offer.' An extraordinarily wide and surprising assortment from around the world. That's what you'll find at the studio in Rijssen.

If you really want something go to Caza
Caza's studio is really about experience. And you can see that right away when you check out the website and socials. Beautiful close-ups of tile and natural stone types and atmospheric images of completed projects alternate. Rob: "Offline and online, our image now matches seamlessly. As soon as you walk into our inspiring and well-stocked studio, you experience what we have to offer. You can feel the relief in a tile, or hear the silence as you walk across one of our floors. Come and experience it for yourself.

Familiar faces in a new look
Masterstone, aimed at the business market, was also included in the re-branding. And the men from Tegelwerken Totaal now carry out their work under the name Caza Montage. But according to Rob, it is mostly the outside that changes. He says: 'We will continue to do what we do best: help people realize that picture in their heads. We do that with our trusted specialists, only in a new jacket.' A jacket that better suits Caza's complete offering. For more inspiration, check out the caza.com website or schedule a consultation in our studio right away.

View Caza's projects here

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