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We make time for you

We make time for you

On the Midstraat 37 in Joure, has been making clocks since 1978. As you walk into the 18th century building, the tapping is already approaching. This is where time is made. We distinguish ourselves from clock repair through handmade clocks. Which is special, because clocks are still rarely handmade!

It is therefore that since the 1990s, we have been making modern clocks together with the customer as a unique product for the modern interior. When people are looking for a clock for a home, it is not just something that indicates the time but more of a showpiece. Customers come to us for advice and we design a top piece with them, where a clock is designed with a lot of imput from both sides. We then get to work on the job, which starts with making the wheels and pinions. These are manufactured by hand with precision and accuracy of machinery and handwork.

The craft of clock making is not so different from how it was done during its glory days in 17th and 18th centuries. The same laws and rules still apply to making a clock, only manufacturing has become easier with the advent of machines. Although you can still see the hand of the maker in every clock. Therefore, we always take the customer through the process of making it, where in between we can watch the clock come to life.

After making all the parts, everything is finished with the highest possible precision. The pendulum, hands, weights are assembled. Again, customer choice is very important and creates the look of the clock. We can make almost anything, from large to small clocks, as well as more abstract or artistic clocks to just clocks with the customer's personal touch. Think logos, color or symbolism. After the movement runs, it is usually covered with glass. This glass, along with the hands and numerals, brings the clock to life. and makes the clock's piece of engineering visible.

The best part of our craft is the making, from something that is an ordinary piece of material to a clock that ticks. With a contemporary design, we also try to bring the clock forward into the 21st century. Without us as clockmakers, more time will not be made for you.

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