What does it cost to build a villa?

What does it cost to build a villa?

When considering building your own villa, it is of course wonderful to dream away at the comfort you envision. And you will undoubtedly be energized by collecting reference images on your personal mood board. At the same time, of course, you also want to control costs. Dreaming is wonderful, but it should not end in a nightmare. Therefore, in addition to your requirements, it is good to determine a real budget for construction costs.

What are construction costs?
Construction costs are defined as the costs required to build itself. It is good that you realize that these are not the only costs besides the cost of the lot. The design costs, fees, finishing costs for the kitchen, floor and wall finishes, for example, are also costs that you need to include separately in your budget. As well as the construction and paving of the garden.

Real construction costs
This consists of the sum of all invoices at the end of construction. It is not obvious that this is only the cost of construction that you agree with a construction company. That includes potentially unforeseen costs, or the extra work performed during construction.

It is difficult for you to see if the price offered in advance is complete. Is all the necessary work included in the price? Does the agreement actually match what you expect at completion? After all, you want to avoid unforeseen costs or additional work.

Therefore, ask for a clear and understandable description of all the work the construction company offers. This ensures that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Catalog Solutions
You may notice in your preliminary research that prices for building a villa vary widely. That’s because “villa building” is a broad term. For example, there are opportunities with catalog homes. Several companies offer these homes. The choices for these detached houses have already been prepared, creating a good and cost-effective villa. The basic prices of such villas can be found on the websites.

There is quite a bit of choice with these standard villas, but you lack the freedom of customization. In terms of option list, you can compare this type of villa to a car. When all your wishes that are possible are added to the villa the total comes quite a bit past the base price.

Starting price custom built villa
In addition to catalog villas, you can also choose a custom villa. Designed by an architect who translates your wishes. Fair is fair, the cost may differ somewhat from a catalog home, but you also get visibly more in return. But important to keep in mind is that with this type of villa, there is no more option list to influence the price.

Volume and main form are the first parameters. Generally, such a process starts with a price range per cubic meter. The range generally starts at €600 / cubic meter including VAT.

Limitless possibilities
When building a luxury villa, prices increase further. This is mainly due to the design freedom given (less obvious shapes or construction methods) and the use of exclusive materials. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and applying exclusive materials. This makes it difficult to indicate what the “ceiling” of prices per cubic foot of exclusive villa construction is. Wise then is to simply get in touch so that an expert can give you further information in this area.

Indicative prices luxury villa construction
You want something special when it comes to your dream home. But at the same time, you want to know where you stand financially. An architect is an expert when it comes to designing and translating your dream villa. The financial aspect is usually somewhat less obvious.

By working with a company that both designs and also does the construction itself, design and budget go hand in hand. Of course, it is important to form a picture of this together beforehand. With a custom villa, then, you assume a bandwidth that gets smaller and smaller, and therefore more accurate, as decisions are made in the design process. A reputable custom villa builder has the expertise to guide you through this.

Prices start about from €600 per cubic meter, as you read earlier in this piece. To give more space to your needs, a budget from €700 per m3 is recommended. About 80% of customers succeed between €600 and €800 per cubic meter. Exceptional villas can easily pass the €1000 per cubic meter mark.

Global inventory
Of course, you begin by taking stock of your housing needs. What spaces would you like, how many bedrooms, one, two, or more bathrooms, such a practical utility room or a laundry room, for example? And how big should the space be? When you make a list, the first picture already arises for you. Multiply this area by 1.3. In doing so, you provide space for engineering, traffic, construction and walls. Now you have an idea of the gross area. When you multiply this by 3.3 you have an idea of the gross volume (cubic feet) of your dream house, your home. With that indication, you can discover the range with what approximate budget to consider.

We will give you some guidance with this example:

Living Room32 – 40 m2
Dining room16 – 20 m2
Kitchen12 – 20 m2
Utility room6 – 12 m2
Installation space5 m2
Toilet2 m2
Master bedroom15 – 25 m2
Walk-in closet8 m2
Bedroom12 – 18 m2
Workroom10 – 15 m2
Main bathroom10 – 20 m2
Bathroom4 – 10 m2
Toilet on floor2 m2
Storage5 – 15 m2

What do you choose?
When choosing catalog or customization, there is no right or wrong. As long as you keep asking yourself the question: what do I want? What do you wish for yourself in the coming decades? Do you go for the choice from a catalog, go for customization or let one party take care of all your needs.

We believe in the latter solution. Practice also tells us that this is how the most satisfied residents are created. We look forward to also inspiring and guiding you to the realization of your own dream villa. And, of course, to make the process from design to realization a celebration.

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