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What gets Studio Siebers hot in the winter months?

What gets Studio Siebers hot in the winter months?

Now that autumn has arrived and the colors are changing to yellows, reds and oranges, the view of our garden changes with it. Fall and winter bring new colors and silhouettes. By now we have gotten used to thinking of the garden as an extension of our home.

A place in the garden where you can sit even in the colder period is indispensable. Sipping wine with the family around the fire table or the two of you on the lounge sofa with a cup of hot chocolate. Enjoying the dark sky contrasting with the beautifully lit garden. And when the white flakes begin to fall, snugly sheltered under the canopy.

During the deep winter months, most plants retreat. This is to save energy for next spring. This creates space for plants that actually like to show up in winter. In addition, it is fun to play with silhouettes. Therefore, do not cut grasses and perennials during the winter months.

Even more coziness in the garden? Plant berry-bearing shrubs in the garden. This allows birds to visit throughout the winter, making the garden a lot cozier!

With the right sightlines, optimal use of space and the right choices of plants and materials, Studio Siebers brings warmth and coziness into the garden. This way, even in the winter months, your garden will be a nice place to hang out or a place to watch from your warm living room.

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