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What is the best wood for making a treehouse?

What is the best wood for making a treehouse?

Wood comes in all shapes and sizes. So which wood is best to use for making a treehouse or wooden playhouse? We are happy to explain what we choose to do at Treehouse Boris..

Douglas fir

In our wooden playhouses and tree houses we use, among other things, Douglas fir. This wood comes from conifers from Scandinavia. Because these trees grow very long and large, you can cut nice long boards from them. Because it has resin in it, you are less likely to have mold and wood rot. Also, the wood becomes more beautiful and stronger over the years. Very nice with a tree house or wooden playhouse!

Larch wood

We also use larch wood often. Larch wood is also a softwood species. It is often mentioned in the same breath as Douglas fir and has virtually the same properties. The wood is strong, durable and resistant to weathering. Moreover, it discolors beautifully over the years. So your tree house or playhouse gets more and more beautiful!


Finally, we use chestnut wood. This wood stands up well to rain, wind, frost and other weather conditions. This is because it contains a lot of tannic acid. As a result, you don't need to impregnate or treat it before using it in a tree house or wooden playhouse. Chestnut wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood or impregnated wood. Moreover, because it comes from Europe, its environmental impact is lower than wood coming from other continents.

Have questions about our wooden playhouses or the wood we use in our treehouses? Feel free to ask them via info@boomhutboris.nl .

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