What is the chair profile?

What is the chair profile?

When someone talks about steel doors, the word always comes up ‘chair profile’ . But what exactly is a chair profile? What does that “little chair” refer to?

Loved by famous architects

Influenced by Dudok, Duiker and Rietveld, the steel chair profile became iconic in stately factories, churches, offices and villas. They fell in love with the use of the chair profile about a hundred years ago and became famous for it. The success of this iconic style is certainly justified given the timeless nature of the designs.

Why Chair Profile?

The name “Chair Profile” is derived from the steel profile with a cross-section resembling a chair. Just look at the picture. You see as it were a chair drawn from the side with 3 lines. Two of these steel profiles seal well together and were widely used in the 1920s and 1930s to make steel frames with windows. Due to frequent reference to these characteristic steel doors and frames, the terms “steel doors” and “chair profile doors” have become synonyms of each other in colloquial language. In purely technical terms, steel doors and frames often use profiles other than the chair profile, for example, strip, square and box steel in various shapes and sizes.

Industrial atmosphere

Today’s steel interior doors are based on the very distinctive chair profile. Timeless and with an eye for design! It fits perfectly with the regained interest in the industrial atmosphere. By using the slimmest possible profiles, we achieve an exclusive result with an elegant appearance.

How the profile was improved

The steel chair profile used to be widely used for exterior window frames. But the steel easily conducted the cold inside, and the single glass also offered little living comfort. In winter, the ice flowers on the windows were beautiful, but no one longs for that anymore. Innovation added a thermal bridge break to the steel profile. Together with insulating glass, this modern steel profile ensures that the heat stays inside without any loss of elegance. That way you don’t have to choose between comfort and design!

Timeless design

The word “Chair Profile” has captured the imagination for many decades. It carries the atmosphere of the industrial style. With today’s technology and expertise, we keep that authentic atmosphere alive in a modern living world that offers you more comfort than back then. Want to take a closer look at the original chair profile? Are you curious about the new insulated steel profiles? Curious about the interior and exterior steel doors we customize for you? Come to the showroom and steel workshop, and we’ll look at it together. I am happy to make time for you.
Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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