What treatments can you apply to oak floors?

What treatments can you apply to oak floors?

Dutzfloors has been the specialist in oak flooring from European oak for over a decade. This Frisian company produces exclusively on Dutch soil and does so entirely in-house. The advantage of this method? High quality and wide range. Because when you combine craftsmanship with the right tools, the possibilities are endless.

Dutzfloors can perform as many as eight different operations. With each operation having its own charm. That freedom of choice gives you as a consumer exactly the floor you envision.

1. Smoking floors
The most popular operation is smoking boards. Do not be alarmed – in the process they do not set the oak on fire. Dutzfloors installs the planks in a hermetically sealed room. Then they release small amounts of ammonia vapors. The fumes react with tannic acid in the oak. The hue of the wood changes in those areas where there is the most tannic acid. The result? Each shelf looks slightly different. A smoked floor therefore consists of both light and dark floorboards.

2. Aging of oak
Want a wood floor with character? Then aged floors are just what you’re looking for. This treatment gives brand-new floors a lived-in look.

This is done by scraping the sides with a paint scraper. It is done by hand, while it looks like the floor was worked with an old-fashioned planer. The most rigorous step is drumming the boards. In this process, they spin the boards in a drum, along with nails and bolts. The dents and bumps that appear make the floor look like it’s a hundred years old. The longer in the drum, the “older” the end result.

3. Sawn wood floors
The name kind of gives it away. When sawing wood, the boards are worked with a saw. A rough surface appears with shallow ridges and striations. This processing gives each plank a unique look. Therefore, sawn floors are a good choice if you are looking for an eye-catching floor. After machining, the rough surface is brushed. On this floor, scratches are practically invisible.

4. Chiseled wood floor
Stained wood floors prove that true beauty always comes back. A semi-transparent layer with a paint-like finish (white or black) is applied to the floor. This is done by hand – it is a labor-intensive process. Staining accentuates the natural lines in the wood and gives the floor a more intense color. Do you want a black or white undertone in your floor? Or do you go a for intense white or black flooring? Whatever color you choose, this intense floor is worth it.

5. Brushed wood floor
European oak naturally has a beautiful grain structure. Brushing the wood makes those lines visible again. How’s that? The professionals at Dutzfloors brush the planks with a wire brush, which loosens the softer wood from the plank. You determine the degree of brushing. Light brushing provides a little texture, heavy brushing gives the floor a tough and rustic character.

6. Sanding oak floors
The opposite of brushing is sanding. In terms of effect, then. Sanding the planks makes the grain markings virtually invisible. Sanded wood floors have a quiet character due to their polished surface. Looking for a tough floor with a soft finish? You can combine sanding well with an operation such as smoking. The floor still looks sleek and elegant, but always warm.

7. Planed wood floors
Planing yields the most natural wood floors of all operations. The grain structure becomes clearly visible, giving the floor a richer look. Planed floors have rough areas in the oak, mainly around the knots. The more knots, the more rough parts in the floor. Additional advantage: dents or scratches are hardly noticeable! Ideal for busy households with small children or pets, for example.

8. Burnt wood floors
Burnt wood floors, unlike smoked floors, do use fire. In the process, Dutzfloors goes over the floorboards with a blowtorch. Unique, dark stains appear on the shelves. Burnished floors take on an extra large role within your interior. An interior design tip? Keep the rest of your decor quiet – it complements each other perfectly.

You see: a lot is possible with oak flooring, you can apply many treatments to it. Are you curious to see what all these treated floors look like in real life? Visit Dutzfloors’ showroom, or schedule a consultation. Be inspired by fully furnished style rooms and discuss options with experienced advisors.

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