Why a Phoenix kitchen is both stylish and practical

Why a Phoenix kitchen is both stylish and practical

We are seeing a growing interest in an Arpa Fenix kitchen. Phoenix is a material that is not only very stylish but also has very practical properties. Have you never heard of Fenix? You can! It is a relatively new material that is increasingly being chosen in our dream custom kitchens. We absolutely love this stunning material and would love to tell you all the ins and outs about the Fenix kitchen.

What does the Phoenix kitchen look like?
Who says Phoenix, says luxury! A Phoenix kitchen has the features to give any home an exclusive and high-quality look. You can recognize a Phoenix kitchen by the matte appearance of the worktop and/or kitchen cabinets. Because of this mattness, there is no light reflection of any kind. This gives Fenix the sleek and modern look that looks spectacular in any living style.

How is Fenix material made?
The material itself is one of the components that makes a Fenix front kitchen truly unique. Although the Fenix material looks hard and is also very sturdy, it feels soft on the surface. This contrast is often very surprising to people.

Realizing a Phoenix kitchen is quite intensive. Italian company Arpa has been making HPL for decades; a material composed of paper, plastic and phenolic resin. These elements are pressed together to form a solid and waterproof sheet, on which many layers of acrylic with Nano particles are then laid. The softness of the Fenix material is due to this special Nano technology.

What colors does a Phoenix kitchen come in?
Good news! In fact, Phoenix kitchens come in a variety of colors, so there’s a pretty good chance that your favorite color is part of the color palette. In most cases in the black Fenix kitchen the favorite, as it gives an exclusive and luxurious look. Would you rather have a real eye-catcher at the heart of your home? Then choose a more striking color, like this gray-green Phoenix kitchen!

What are the benefits of a Phoenix kitchen?
For people who hate cleaning, the Fenix material is a real lifesaver. Indeed, the aforementioned nanotechnology ensures that no fingerprints remain on the worktop and has antibacterial properties.

In addition, the Fenix front kitchen has another very special feature; it has a self-healing ability. Do you shoot out across the work surface with your knife? No way! A Phoenix kitchen can make cuts and scratches disappear on their own with (frictional) heat. So easy to wipe away with a cloth. Find more tips on maintaining your Fenix kitchen here.

Customer experiences with a Phoenix kitchen
The Bergs- van der Heijden family is a proud owner of a beautiful Fenix kitchen. In their overall concept, the Fenix kitchen comes into its own perfectly. “The care and craftsmanship with which our kitchen and our other fixtures were designed, made and installed completed it for us. It was a beautiful growth process with a wonderful end result that we would highly recommend to anyone.”

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