Why aluminum?

Why aluminum?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in our showroom. Why aluminum? And following that, how is it different from steel? Below briefly our explanation so you can get a better idea of us and our product.

Aluminum is a very conscious choice for us. It is a very modern material with better properties. It can be made rounder and tighter, which is reflected in the corners of the profile. Tighter than this you are not going to find it. Furthermore, the doors are completely symmetrical, this also adds some peace to the look of your door. This is because we do not use sealant, putty or glass battens. Furthermore, we use the highest quality coating so that the profiles are maintenance-free. In addition, the doors are 20% lighter in weight, we really work with the stiffness of the glass. This gives you a solid door but just a little friendlier to use.

In terms of material, aluminum is fundamentally better and more expensive than steel. However, due to our manufacturing process, we can offer the doors more competitively than the traditional steel door. In fact, we have an automatic production process where we work with computer-controlled machines that are accurate to the tenth millimeter. In short, we provide an affordable custom product for any situation.

We hope you have a clear picture of our product but understand that you have further questions about our product and what is actually possible. Feel free to call or email us but we prefer to invite you to our showroom to actually see the product and the process. If so, we can also provide you with expert advice. We would love to hear from you!

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