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Why choose Talenti furniture

Why choose Talenti furniture

For years we have been working with the Italian brand Talenti outdoor living. Talenti products stem from the creativity of internationally renowned designers. They know how to interpret customer requirements. They also know exactly how to respond to market trends. We are very excited about our Talenti collection. That's why we are happy to explain the benefits of Talenti furniture to you.

Beautiful shapes
To fall in love with, really! Talenti's furniture has beautiful shapes. Give contrast between special shapes and clean straight lines in your furniture. At Talenti, they create beautiful shapes with attention to detail. From designer accessories to outdoor furniture. Do you see the beautiful organic shapes of the scacco collection?

Highest quality
Talenti values the concept of High Quality. The quality of the products must be perfect. To ensure high quality, there is continuous and strict quality control at every stage of the production cycle. The choice of materials and technologies are an important part of the product.

After rain comes sunshine
We can often take this statement very literally in the Netherlands. The Talenti designers have taken this into consideration, as their padding is made of quick-drying foam. This provides the perfect resistance to all weather conditions, even the most extreme. When the shower is over, you can sit on your furniture almost immediately. A cloth over it and voila, you are dry!

Unique designs from creative designers
Everyone has their own qualities. Also, the designers of Talenti. And these are maximized in the several collections. Talenti's garden furniture is so sophisticated that it breaks the fine line between outdoors and indoors. Each collection has its own details. For example, aluminum is characteristic of the Cruise//Alu collection. The use of fine materials, such as wood, and a precise fabric collection characterize the Cruise//Teak collection.

Meet our stylist
In short, Talenti furniture is an enrichment for your garden. A wide array of unique collections complement your needs. Something for everyone. Matching the style of yourself. Our stylist Albertine will gladly provide you with expert advice.

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