Wildenberg Interior Architecture: 20 years of architectural excellence

Wildenberg Interior Architecture: 20 years of architectural excellence

In May, Wildenberg Interior Architecture will be celebrating 20 years, and that should be celebrated! Grateful for the past few years, the architectural firm is eagerly looking forward to all that awaits them in the coming years. The dream is to enter the top five leading architecture firms and they are already well on their way.

The past 20 years have been beautiful, special and intense. Working hard, with a tough time of crisis behind us, Wildenberg still chose our passion. With some calm, they continue to look to the future and are proud of their 20-year anniversary. Together with a professional and inspired team, they are able to deliver the ultimate commuting or living environment for both corporate and private clients.

Great appeal of spaces
Wildenberg will be at the forefront of creating security in the workplace in the coming years. A high appeal of spaces is an important and major success factor in this regard. In the coming years, in addition to personal attention, the focus will be on increasing well-being in the workplace. After all, the new way of working has not been new for a long time and, in addition, it has been shown that people really need each other live. Wildenberg believes a combination of work arrangements, a variation in high and low seating and lounge areas should be part of it. In well-designed premises, people become more creative and productive.

The importance of personal contact
“I’m not much of a talker, but I listen all the better,” says owner Stan van den Wildenberg. “And that is immediately what our clients appreciate, as evidenced by several customer satisfaction surveys. I believe it is essential to get completely into the client’s skin. A good example is that in the case of tenders we like to get to know the client intensively first. If it is a business customer, I want to talk to a number of employees. Walk around the premises. Sample the atmosphere, ask what rooms are used for. I need to understand the identity. Only then can I deliver 100% customization and we avoid a “mishmash” that can be perceived as beautiful by everyone. In dealing with clients, we are very personal. I am the one who makes the first visit and as a result, in collaboration with a colleague, I map out the deeper design vision. Everything we design stems from the personal and in-depth contact that is there, always focusing on the function of a space.”

After graduating from art school, Stan van den Wildenberg wanted only one thing: to work as an interior designer. “In a small attic room he crawled behind his drawing board, ready for his first commission of his own. This one soon announced itself; I was allowed to design a villa in Leusden. This was the beginning of a wonderful and exciting career in architecture. I see it as a privilege to enhance people’s well-being with my designs.”

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